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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the plaque hurt or damage the headstone? What if I need to remove it later?

Our Tributes plaques will not damage or harm the headstone! The 3M permanent tape adheres to a surface permanently under severe conditions such as rain, snow, intense sunshine, etc. That being said, if needed, a plaque may be removed carefully from a headstone by using a hard flat object such as a flat screwdriver to pry the edges of the plaque from the adhesion surface. Once removed, use appropriate headstone cleaner to clean off any remaining sticky residue.

Is there an ongoing cost to maintain the website?

No! Committed to affordability, we offer a one-time purchase for a customizable Our Tributes memorial webpage and a choice of silver or black stainless steel QR plaque. This service includes lifelong storage of up to 50 photos, unlimited videos, and text for your online tribute. For those wishing to add more memories, extra photo storage is available through an annual subscription, keeping your loved one's digital memorial comprehensive and up-to-date.

Won't QR codes eventually be replaced by another technology?

Experts believe QR codes will be around for a long time, evolving from their industrial roots to a meaningful role in memorial services. These codes don't store your loved one's details; instead, they act as a direct link to their personal page on our Our Tributes website. Rest assured, the information is securely stored and easily accessible. QR codes are seen as a lasting technology, ensuring that even as new technologies emerge, your digital memorial will remain accessible and secure online.

Can I gift Our Tributes Digital Memorials to family or friends?

Yes, you have the flexibility to create a digital memorial page for someone and then assign its ownership to another individual. The recipient simply needs to set up an account on After their account is active, please email us with a transfer request that includes the email addresses of both parties and the name of the loved one. Our team will efficiently handle the transfer of the online tribute page for you.

Can a single plaque be used for 2 people, such as a couple?

Yes, one QR plaque may be used for a couple such as a parent or grandparent. Currently the only limitation is there is only one spot for birth and death dates. These can be left blank in the prompts and included manually in the "Bio" section to include both dates.

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