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Find answers to your questions on Our Tributes with our comprehensive FAQ page. Learn more about our digital memorials, QR plaques, and how we help preserve your cherished memories with ease and respect.

Common QR Memorial Questions

Have questions about setting up a Digital Memorial or how QR Code Memorials work? Find easy, down-to-earth answers for creating your Online Tribute, making your journey of remembrance as smooth and heartfelt as possible.

Will the plaque hurt or damage the headstone? What if I need to remove it later?

Our Tributes plaques will not damage or harm the headstone! The 3M permanent tape adheres to a surface permanently under severe conditions such as rain, snow, intense sunshine, etc. That being said, if needed, a plaque may be removed carefully from a headstone by using a hard flat object such as a flat screwdriver to pry the edges of the plaque from the adhesion surface. Once removed, use appropriate headstone cleaner to clean off any remaining sticky residue.

Is there an ongoing cost to maintain the website?

No! Committed to affordability, we offer a one-time purchase for a customizable Our Tributes memorial webpage and a choice of silver or black stainless steel QR plaque. This service includes lifelong storage of up to 50 photos, unlimited videos, and text for your online tribute. For those wishing to add more memories, extra photo storage is available through an annual subscription, keeping your loved one's digital memorial comprehensive and up-to-date.

Won't QR codes eventually be replaced by another technology?

Experts believe QR codes will be around for a long time, evolving from their industrial roots to a meaningful role in memorial services. These codes don't store your loved one's details; instead, they act as a direct link to their personal page on our Our Tributes website. Rest assured, the information is securely stored and easily accessible. QR codes are seen as a lasting technology, ensuring that even as new technologies emerge, your digital memorial will remain accessible and secure online.

Can I gift Our Tributes Digital Memorials to family or friends?

Yes, you have the flexibility to create a digital memorial page for someone and then assign its ownership to another individual. The recipient simply needs to set up an account on After their account is active, please email us with a transfer request that includes the email addresses of both parties and the name of the loved one. Our team will efficiently handle the transfer of the online tribute page for you.

Can a single plaque be used for 2 people, such as a couple?

Yes, one QR plaque may be used for a couple such as a parent or grandparent. Currently the only limitation is there is that there is only one place for birth and death dates. These can be left blank in the prompts and included manually in the "Bio" section to include both dates.

Will I see advertisements on my loved ones memorial page?

You will never see advertisements on your loved ones page, or anywhere on our website. Our desire is for your loved one's webpage to be a sacred place for you and your family to remember your loved one. We may, if you have an account, send infrequent newsletters by email notifying you of new features that may be available for your loved one's page, of recent news or help articles available to you, or other offers we feel are of true value. You can opt-out of these emails at anytime.

Who will be able to see the information on my loved one's page?

Similar to an obituary or a facebook page, the information you post on your Our Tributes memorial page will ultimately be public and should only contain photos and information you don't mind if others see or read. Others can access your loved ones page by scanning the QR code or by someone sharing the link to your page. You can place your stainless steel plaque on a headstone, or if you choose to print your loved ones QR code from your account such as for a memorial poster at a funeral or celebration of life event to allow friends and family to view the page and add their tributes. If you copy and share the URL on social media, email, text, or any other ways, people can access your loved ones page through that link.

Can I restrict who leaves a tribute for my loved one? Can I hide or delete a tribute if a rude remark is made on my loved ones page?

You as the account owner have the ability to delete any comments or photos that are left by others. They will not be notified if you delete their comments and/or photos. You also can “lock” your page so that no one can leave anything else on your loved one's page. This is often wise to do some time after the funeral when the majority of people have left their tributes. If someone wants to leave something after you have locked the page, you can easily unlock the page momentarily for them or upload the content yourself.

How do I upload a video to my loved one's page digital memorial page?

Videos on your loved ones page need to first be uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo, then the link can be embedded into your loved ones page by copying and pasting the link into the box we have provided.

I am an owner or employee of a funeral home, mortuary, or funeral supply distributor. Do you have a wholesale price sheet?

Yes, we work with organizations around the world to provide these services. You can submit an order on our Wholesale Pricing Page. If you would like to order more than 100 plaques, please contact us to place an order.

If my QR code gets damaged can I get a new one that links to the page I created?

Yes, it is possible to get a new plaque for your loved one's page. Simply reach out to us on our contact page including what happened, You will be charged a small replacement fee and shipping for the new plaque.

Can I have multiple QR plaques for my loved one that lead to the same page?

Yes, if you would like more than one plaque that points to one page, please contact us and we can have a new plaque sent to you.

How do I place the plaque on a headstone? What if I need to remove it later?

To affix the plaque on a headstone, first ensure the spot is clean and dry. Temporarily place it with non-permanent tape to choose the best position. Then, peel off the red backing, align it straight, and press down firmly. The plaques stick best to smooth, clean surfaces. For textured or uneven areas, like a concrete pad, adhesion might be less effective. The 3M tape is designed for durability in harsh weather. If removal is necessary, gently pry the plaque off with a flat tool, like a screwdriver, and clean any residue with a suitable headstone cleaner.

I bought this as a gift, can I fill the page with photos, tributes, etc that I have and then gift it and transfer ownership to them?

Yes, you can create a page for someone and then transfer ownership of the page to someone else. To do so, the person you are gifting it to needs to create an account at Once their account is created, email us a request to transfer a page including both emails and the name of the loved one and we will transfer the page for you.

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