Our Story

Discover the heartfelt story behind Our Tributes, inspired by a personal journey of reconnecting with a loved one through tributes.

how it started

Our Story

My father passed away when I was young. Later in my life, I found a book stashed away in my mother's basement containing over 300 tributes from family, friends, co-workers, and others who knew and loved him. After pouring over it for hours, I was touched by what they had to say and felt closer to my dad as I read them. I thought, what a tragedy that this is stashed away in the basement and not somewhere more accessible where he can be remembered.

After speaking with others, I found this situation is not uncommon. Many inspiring stories and lives are left untold which would otherwise inspire and educate us. As I walked through the cemetery to my father's grave, I also wondered about the people buried around him, the lives they lived and what sort of "Tributes" book they would have.

After creating Our Tributes, we've heard so many shout or cry with excitement and joy as with the snap of a QR code, or the click of a link they are immersed into the life, love, and experience of their loved one through videos, photos, biographies, and tributes left by those who knew them.

Funeral home memorial pages only exist online (no QR memorial plaque), are often outdated or clunky, and can cost up to $500 or more. We are dedicated to making the preservation of your loved ones memories as easy and affordable as possible. Click below to get started preserving your loved ones memories by creating a tributes page for them.

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